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Andreas Tsiounis (M.Sc.) is one of the first clinically active optometrists in Switzerland and  an active promoter of clinical optometry and vision science. He practices in two optometry practices and gives specialist lectures.


Dr. Martin Lörtscher (PhD, M.Sc.) was one of the first PhD optometrist in Switzerland. He gives specialist lectures worldwide. Dr. Lörtscher works in a renormalized eye clinic. He is also a lecturer at a Swiss university of applied sciences and an examining expert in optics and optometry.

Selection of some projects:

EyeSize ®

RetinalOptics ®

Consulting mandate for Medical Therapy at an International glass manufacturer.

Lensy Swiss  - the new Swiss high-end contact lens

On this homepage, patients can find the best optics shops and optometry practices.

Myoslow Preference Test

TILA ® - individually manufactured contact lenses

DOPING © - the case history of myopia progression

Distance - Outdoor - Pathology - Idiopathic - Nutrition - Genetics

Myopia control with Relax contact lenses

Myopia control with multifocal orthokeratology (MOK)

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